Shows and Specialities

From intimate tea parties to grand revelries, Madame Askew and her merry band provide a host of activities. Not only can we brew the perfect pot of tea from specially chosen superior loose leaf tea, but we will also share tea trivia, tales of adventure, improvisational games, parlor games, and a variety of tea time amusements.  Below you will find descriptions of what fun we can bring you.

Interested in the very grand, very ancient art of tea duelling? We encourage and facilitate Western Tea Duelling at any event. Western Tea Duelling is a madcap game certain to inspire laughter amongst participants and audience alike, and is the official Duelling style of the Western Territorial Frontier.

Do you prefer your trysts of combat to be less heated, less crumbly, or less expensive?  Try the ancient and noble art of Compliment Duelling.

Madame has a number of interesting panels in her period-appropriate back pocket equivalent.  Click here for a full listing!