Panels & Presentations

No applause, darlings, I am drinking my tea.

No applause, darlings, I am drinking my tea.

Madame Askew has a variety of offerings beyond that which steams happily in her pot.  Contact us if you would like her to perform for you and your parlour guests!

Whose Crumpet Is It Anyway?  Improv with Madame Askew

Once the costume is in place and the character created, use improvisation to breathe life into your person and add verve to your photographs.  Madame Askew will discuss some of her tricks for improv and invite attendees to join in a few interactive games.  "Indeed, also!"

Splendid Teapot Racing: Conflagration 500

Join Madame Askew and friends for a Splendid Teapot Race!  Watch steampunk makers maneuver their cunning racers through a series of scorching hazards including the Ramp of Doom and the Chasm of Death.  Sign up in advance to bring your own racer to vie for a chance at glory, or just cheer on your favorite pot!

Diving into Corsets: Maker Tips, Urban Myths, and Legendary Looks

Join ladies of steampunk who make and wear corsets as they divulge their wisdom, anecdotes, and tips on corsetry.  From making one's own to buying a ready-made corset, these ladies will share their knowledge and debunk myths along the journey to get that great corseted look!

Torrid Tales of Tea: The Heated History

Hold on to your teacups as Madame Askew takes you on a tour through the provocative history of the world's most popular beverage.  Learn the lurid details behind Darjeeling.  Enjoy the scintillating gossip about Oolongs.  No tea is too tempestuous for Madame Askew, and no detail too ridiculous!

Actual, Factual History of Tea with Madame Askew

The generally true adventures and fascinating history of the world's most popular beverage!  Join Madame Askew on her romp through the centuries following the perils and tribulations of acquiring the perfect cup of tea.

A Courtesy of Compliments:  The Art of Compliment Duelling

Whether it's compliments at 50 paces, courtesies at dawn, or gallantry until first blush, Compliment Duelling has settled matters of honour, averted terrible strife, and resulted in a few famous engagements.  Join us as we teach the ancient, honourable art of compliment duelling.

Unwrapping the Victorian Lady (Must be 18+ to attend)

Join Madame Askew and friends as they demystify and defrock the Victorian lady. Take this saucy guided tour through the many layers of frocks, frills, and foibles as they unveil the undergarments that make big bustle dreams come true.