Enamorata and Enemies

Tea is a glorious, intoxicating beverage. Among those who know well its powers, there are some few who have embraced the darker potential of this most excellent drink. Just as we have been deeply fortunate to meet those illustrious tea aficionados who join us for our tea parties, we have had the honour and privilege to occasionally meet with these daring, brave souls who face the Stygian depths of their tea cups with nary a flinch. Whether we have met you in enigmatic conversation across crumpets, or upon the tea-stained tablecloths of the duelling ground, we would be deeply gratified to feature you here. Please send us an image with photography credit of your most distinguished self and as provocative a description of yourself and your love of tea as your personal mystery allows.  We will happily feature you hear, in our gallery of dangerous tea personages.